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Build A Prayer Center

Build A Prayer Center


The prayer request we hear most often from the frontlines from our dear brothers and sisters is for God to provide a location to gather and worship. Believers open their homes for worship gatherings but often are opposed by neighbors and landlords through intimidation and harassment, forcing them to look for another location.


A place to gather in corporate worship oftentimes provides a safe residence for frontline workers and a refuge in times of trouble for believers experiencing persecution from hostile family members and neighbors. Following the establishment of these prayer centers, attitudes begin to change when freshwater wells are constructed, or emergency relief is conducted in times of disaster. Prayer Center will be a beacon of hope in the community and serve as a place where people can find refuge and acceptance in Christ. The door of opportunity is opened for God to work throughout the villages where these prayer centers are built.


$10,000 Donate directly to this fund and provide the money needed for building materials, labor, planning, and more. The Cost $10,000