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Frontline Worker Care Packs

Frontline Worker Care Packs

Frontline Worker Care Packs : The Cost $150

The Need

Front-line messengers receive no Social Security or retirement benefits. Because many live in poor areas, they cannot be supported through church tithes and offerings. These beautiful servants of our Lord make great personal sacrifices on a daily basis to spread the Gospel, doing without some of the most basic needs that we Americans too often take for granted.

The Solution

The Messenger Care Packs for Pastors provide for the basic needs of native front-line workers. These packs include: clothing, blankets, kitchen utensils, a clock, a carpet or mat for the church, and an umbrella for the native pastor’s family.

The Impact

These packs are much more than a morale booster. They give our workers the physical items they need but cannot afford, or sometimes even find, on their own. They are a tangible means of encouragement, provision and love.

The Cost $150