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Operation Hope

Operation Hope

Operation Hope : The Cost 50

The Need

When catastrophic emergencies strike– such as earthquakes, floods, drought, famine and landslides—those affected are often brought face-to-face with the reality of human vulnerability and need. These disasters destroy homes, businesses, crops, livestock, and can injure or kill thousands.

The Solution

Through Operation Hope, our Humanitarian and Disaster Relief program, we bring hope and help to those whose lives have been devastated. This is a life-sustaining and essential humanitarian aid and relief service.

The Impact

When religious and caste systems leave people hungry and hopeless, your gift can provide a family with supplemental food staples (rice, lentils, tea, beans, milk powder, and oil) for a month and open doors to share the gospel with those who might otherwise never hear the message of Jesus Christ.

The Cost: $50

Your gift of $50 can provide a family going through natural catastrophe with emergency relief and help and hope for a new life through Jesus Christ.