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Save a Life with a Safety Net

Save a Life with a Safety Net

Save a Life with a Safety Net: The Cost $10 

The Need

Malaria and dengue fever, both mosquito-borne diseases, are huge killers in India. In fact, during the yearly monsoon season, torrential rains bring hordes of mosquitos, diseases, and death.
Most often, it is the poorest of the poor who become deathly ill and succumb to these dreaded diseases. Alpha Ministries has helped through a new ministry to provide mosquito nets for families in India.

The Solution

Leading research indicates that the most effective means of preventing malaria and dengue is sleeping under a mosquito net. These nets are lightweight, breathable, and life-saving.

The Impact 

According to the Malaria Consortium, “insecticide-treated nets can avert around 50% of malaria & dengue cases and reduce child mortality by approximately 18%.”
So far, Alpha Ministries has distributed 10,000 mosquito nets.

The Cost $10  (One mosquito net costs $10 and protects up to three children.)